Digital Projection

The previous pages deal with our 35mm film projection services which we intend to continue with for large screen presentations.

Digital Projection however has advanced rapidly over the last few years and is a new technology not to be ignored. Digital Screenings are providing greater access, to a wider range of films, for more people. Filmair also recognises the value of digital projection, not only for screening movies, but also to enable us to provide on-screen advertising or promotional material prior to the start of a feature film for its clients.

When event promoters or organisers are considering funding for a film event, sponsors can be a good source of extra income, but each sponsor looks for something in return. With the addition to its repertoire of digital projection, Filmair can enable clients to offer on-screen advertising to a sponsor, making it a much more attractive proposition. Information can be put on a DVD or a CD with Microsoft PowerPoint, which is then given to the Filmair projection unit on the day of the screening. Unlike the high cost of preparing advertising on 35mm film, the cost of this is minimal.

The flexibility made possible by the digital screening system opens up many new avenues. It gives a wider choice of specialized films, and the option to screen advertising and/or promotional material and corporate events. A host of other opportunities exist, including screening live TV broadcast and CCTV systems.

Please feel free to call and discuss your particular needs.